Angela Griggio

Co-Founder, CEO

Pragmatic mind, unstoppable. 

Luca Eugenio Barlassina

Luca Eugenio Barlassina 

Co-Founder, COO

Creative mind, always thinking outside the box.

Xiqian Zhang

CTO - Senior Blockchain Developer

Jason Lee

Senior Blockchain  Developer - Head of development

Full stack-developer with significant previous experiences + passion and talent for blockchain

Aman Shaikh

Blockchain Developer - Head of technical recruitment

Hard-working and driven individual full of happiness

Niccolò Baldini

Blockchain Developer. Quality tester

Full time dad, coder and decentralized web enthusiast

Dinh La Thang

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Self-motivated Software Engineer with Various Technical Skills

William Liu

Senior Blockchain Developer

Highly proficient in object-oriented methodologies, data structures, algorithms, as well as quality coding and excellent debugging skills

Giulia Cortinovis

Web Designer

A Pisces working hard to transform ideas in visual experiences

Ahmed Abdel Al

Graphic Designer

Alawiye Olukayode

Web Developer

Full-stack developer Fueled by high energy levels and boundless enthusiasm

Jason Min

Architect & Technical Advisor

Spent multiple years building up blockchain infrastructure for several organizations with combined experience in FinTech, Data Science, Software Engineering, and Blockchain Industry