Utility Token(s)

A new cryptocurrency used to settle all the payments in the ecosystem. Initially it will be an Ethereum Smart Contract Token and later updated in a native cryptocurrency suitable for in-chain payments. (Eventual creation of a second token, related only to the open-source infrastructure as a fork of the first one)

The Portal

A semi-decentralized exchange platform, designed to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Like other existing exchanges, the Portal acts as the owner of an ordinary account/wallet of the cryptocurrencies and as the owner of a bank account of the Fiat currencies.

What makes our exchange different and innovative? A Fee Free Model

Minidata Research

A general blockchain-based browser able to search any kind of information in the www.

Blockchain technology allows the search engine:

  • to enhance users' data and privacy protection, thanks to an incorruptible algorithm that safeguards users' privacy with encryption;
  • to target ads using a special certificate that disconnects the searching device from the IP



DataGen is a decentralized blockchain-powered open infrastructure, where demand and supply of computing power can meet.

Thought as a marketplace of computing power, can have different uses, with different applications allowing different computational problems to be solved on demand.

The infrastructure is open-source, so anyone can develop applications using the computing power of DataGen's network.

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